How to Buy the Perfect Diamond

Diamonds may look the same on the outside, but do you know what to look for in a real, high-quality diamond when it comes to making the right purchase?  If you’re new to the diamond buying industry, we want to fill you in on the 4Cs of diamonds.


It’s important for diamond buyers to be aware of fake diamonds, low quality diamonds, and overpriced diamonds. That’s where we come in. Every experienced diamond buyer knows what to look for in a real diamond to ensure they get the best value for their purchase. Although it might not look it, there are several characteristics of a diamond that you must look for deep beneath the surface. We introduce you to the 4Cs of diamonds.


From engagement rings to earrings, if you’re in the market for diamond jewelry, be sure to choose the diamond with the highest grade cut. A precision cut diamond will have proper proportions in which light is returned from the top of the diamond. If it’s cut too shallow, light leaks out of the bottom and if it’s cut too deep, it will leak out of the sides.
Don’t be fooled by the sparkle that catches your eye! Every diamond is going to sparkle, but what you must look for is a near-colorless diamond (grades G-H). Diamonds that are absolutely colorless are of the highest color grade and extremely rare.

You’re going to need to utilize professional magnification to choose a diamond with the highest grade of clarity, as the naked eye won’t be able to see even the tiniest imperfections. Consider an FL quality diamond that has no visible inclusions, not even under 10X magnification.


This refers to the diamond’s weight which impacts the diamond more than you would think. The larger the carat, the rarer the diamond will be, so if you want to go big, consider a 5.0 carat diamond!

Now you’re almost a diamond buyer pro!