Why Own Physical Precious Metals

Precious Metals like gold, silver, platinum and rare coins are in a real sense a hard asset with an exact equivalent to money. Money is simply a vehicle of trade and acts as a storehouse for value. Hard Assets such as Gold, Silver and other precious metals have been used as money for trade since before biblical times, throughout Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman classical eras, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and even today in the Information Age. This is due to the fact that these precious metals act as superb vehicles of trade. These metals are malleable, durable, divisible into various denominations, and they are scarce with a finite amount produced by planet earth. They cannot be printed like a fiat currency whenever governments see fit. These money storage vehicles help protect people against inflation, government insolvency, war, currency collapse, and markets lack of good investment opportunities such as when markets become overpriced.